Tungsten Shielding for Radiation Protection

Tungsten Collimator

Tungsten Collimator:
Radiographic Isotope Exposure Device

Can be attached directly to an intermediate guide tube during Radiography and is held in position by means of a knurled thumb screw. The radiation beam emerges from the side port as a 60º cone.


  • Shielding material:
    Tungsten Alloy/Heavy Metal
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 47mm (127/32in). 
    Diameter: 39mm (1½in). 
    Density 17.6 to 18.3 gms/cc
  • Beam size:
    60º conical, side throw.
  • Attenuation:
    Iridium-192: 0·05
    Cobalt-60: 0·46
  • Number of half value layers:
    Iridium-192: 4·3
    Cobalt-60: 1·12

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