Manipulator for NDE applications.



  • Modular & Compact
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Remote Co-ordinate control
  • Data storage on Hard Disc / CD-R
  • 3 Axes gantry robo for plate inspection.
  • 4 Axes robo for pipe inspection.
  • Scanning from a remote control centre - could be upto 100 meter away from inspection site.
  • Camera focussed to keep watch from control station.
  • High precision in inspection.

Manual Ultrasonic Scanning of plates and pipes pose severe constrainst of time for inspection. Accuracy of the inspection depends on operator skill. Operator fatigue due to extensive manual work affects accuracy and efficiency of the inspection.

Shield Alloy (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers an attractive solution for flaw detection in plates and pipes, using Advanced NDE techniques by deploying a remote controlled multiaxes robo.


The manipulator is custom made and provides a unique opportunity of quick and accurate NDE data acquisition on Floppy Disc/Optical Disc or Magnetic Tape.

In UltraScan-96 the probe holder is driven by three-stepper motors which drive three preloaded ball screws.

In RadioScan-96, the specimen is provided transitional and rotational motions from remote controlled station.

The dimensions of the ball screws, the helix angle and lead error accuracy will be to suit the work envelope and accuracy requirement.

Four encoders provide positive feedback of X-Y-Z Cartesian co-ordinates and Angular feedback.

The NDE data is stored in co-relation with the co-ordinates of the plates/pipes subjected to inspection.

Control System :

The control system is rugge-dised IBM Compatible PC 586 with I/O Controller and Stepper motor controllers.

Control System includes :

Intel Pentium III, 450 MHz CPU.
Super VGA Monitor
2 Serial and 1 Parallel Port
144 Line I/O interface card
Stepper motor control interface card
NDE signal control interface card
Laser printer/plotter to obtain hard copy.

Encoder/Position feedback :

Optical encoders monitor the rotational data of the stepper motors and feed back the data to the control system. The stepper motor is programmed to 0.3 degrees steps.
X-Y-Z and angular co-ordinates in Radio Scan 96 and displayed on monitor in real time and are recorded on floppy discs/optical discs with corresponding NDE signals.

Ball screw :

Pre-loaded ball nut provides high precision in positioning of the probes and zero backlash.

The Screw thread is surface hardened to offer lower frictional resistance and lower wear.

Gothic arch profile offers high efficiency in torque transmission.

High life expectancy.

Maintenance free operation.

Software :

The basic operating system is MS-DOS 6.2 The system software to control the stepper motors and to acquire feed back data is written in 'C' language.
The user interface is menu driven. Menu driven parameters include :

Probe holder positioning to intended location.
Speed of X, Y motion
Angular Speed
Speed of probe holder (Z motion)

Display on the screen will include:

Position co-ordinate X, Y, Z and angle.
NDE signal obtained by respective probes.
Defect level (comparison with reference defect)
Audio/Visual warning in case of any discontinuity exceeding reference defect level.