Lead Bricks and  Lead Shielding Products
Made to International Standards

Shield Alloys (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers Lead Bricks and various Lead Shielding Products,
standard as well as made to order, Meeting international specifications

Shielding Enclosure 10 MT Lead Cask
Applications: X ray Room, Shielding for Radioactive Active Components ,etc  Applications: Transportation, storage of Radio Isotopes like Cobalt 60, High level Radioactive waste,etc
Lead Shields Pipe Shielding
Applications: For Hot Cells, Isotope Production, etc Applications : Shielding for Pipes carrying active waste
Lead Containers Lead Rings
Applications: For Transportation and storage of Isotopes available in various thickessUpto 250 thick lead Applications: Special shielding Applications like Hot Cells
Lead Sphere Units for Hot Cells Lead Brick Shielding
Applications: Special shielding Applications like Hot Cells Typical 100mm Lead Brick Shielding
Isotope Handling Products
Isotope Handling Tongs Sizes Order Codes Prices
  Handling Tongs : 100cm long. HT 100  Available on request
Handling Tongs : 150cm long.   HT 150 Available on request
Handling Tongs : 200cm long. HT 200 Available on request

Isotope Storage Pot for emergency use

Sizes and Weights Order Codes Price

Typical Sizes

138mm x 150mm high, 12.5 x 37.5 cavity, 60mm lead wall, 
Weight 26Kg.
  Available on request

6003 Isotope Carrier 

Sizes and Weights Order Codes Prices

Consists of wheeled carrier with two nesting pots.

Inner pot weighing 9.5kg, 30mm x 80mm, 25mm wall.    Available on request
Outer pot weighing 33kg, 92mm x 157mm, 25mm wall.   Available on request
Our Range of Lead Shielding Products:
Lead Bricks, Isotope Handling Tongs, Isotope Storage Pots for emergency use, Shielded Decay Drum, Shielded Waste Container, Nuclear Lead Casks & Containers, Lead Sphere Units for Hot Cells, Lead Shields and Rings, Lead Enclosures/Rooms.

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