Super-Low Heat Input Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes

Shield Alloys, having wide experience with Low Heat Input Electrodes, introduces an outstanding variety of SUPER-LOW HEAT INPUT TUBULAR HARDFACING STICK ELECTRODES having rich Chromium Carbides & Complex Carbides to provide extended service life to components under Abrasion, Erosion, and Impact at ambient and elevated temperatures. These specially formulated metal-alloy powder electrodes are suitable for extremely high deposition rates (Up to 4Kgs/ hr weld metal) and minimum penetration.

Such Tubular Electrodes can simply be used on-site using any Transformer or Generator with an output of 150 amps (even less with 6.3mm electrode) on thin section without any distortion. High weld metal recovery and very low slag content enable multi-layer welding without any deslagging in between runs. This means faster deposition, less wastage and very high alloy contents unobtainable with conventional Solid-Core electrode design.

The SA Tubular Hardfacing
Stick Electrodes have:
  • Very low operating current
  • Super-Low Heat Input
  • High deposition-rate
  • High yield
  • No deslagging
  • No Baking
  • No special Storage
  • No wastage
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