X-Ray Film Digitizing for Industrial NDT

X-Ray Film Digitization System

Line Profiling

Line Profiling and Histogram

Shield Alloys (India) Pvt. Ltd. offer X-Ray Film Digitization Services through their
X-Ray Film Digitization Application Center
to meet the requirements of the NDT applications in Nuclear, Petrochemicals, Oil, Power Stations, etc.

Advantages of getting your X-Ray Films Digitized:
  • Digital Storage of Radiographs saving of physical storage space.
  • Easy Archival and Image processing for Interpretation and Analysis of Records.
  • No aging and degrading of records and long storage life.
  • Micro densitometry Measurements possible.
  • Image enhancement possibility for poor Radiographs for easier interpretations.
  • Electronic delivery made easy saves both time and money.

Note: System Records as per ASNT, ASME or CEN requirements.

Contact us for demonstration and sample Radiographs Digitization trials for your studies and approval:

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We can provide X-Ray Film Digitization System on Hire/Lease arrangement for our regular customers with Long Term High Volume digitization requirements.