Computer Radiography

A novel method of acquiring X-ray images in a digital format using a digital array or bucky having a high sensitivity and good resolution. This system is faster, cheaper and environmentally more friendly and it replaces the traditional film-screen system.

Advantages :

  • Image manipulations in real time on a high resolution screen with more than 1,024 shades of grey, zoom and flip view capabilities.  
  • System compensates automatically for exposure variations so that images of optimum density are consistently produced (Thus eliminating the need for retakes).
  • Computer processing of raw data can produce images of conventional appearance or if needed, with contrast or sharpness enhancement.  
  • System has wider exposure latitude that a conventional film.  
  • The system can be introduced into a new or previously installed X-ray equipment.  
  • Well suited in emergencies where time is crucial and patient co-operation is limited.