Portable X-Ray Equipment for NDT

Typical Pipe Inspection Application
for Portable X-Ray Systems

A Typical Portable X- Ray System

Y.XPO-225 : 225 kV Portable
X- Ray System

Shield Alloys (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers Comet Portable
X-Ray Systems from 160kV to 300kV. These are the most reliable and powerful solutions for field applications like pipe inspection.

For field applications, isotopes were the main source used till now. However, in recent years, due to safety regulations for isotopes and the image quality required for inspection, isotopes are increasingly being replaced by portable x-ray sources

Advantages of Portable x-ray Equipment:
  • Ruggedness.
  • Can be used in the harsh environments.
  • Light weight and compact size.
  • High frequency switching technology for extremely stable x-ray output.
  • Very short exposure times.
  • Microprocessor based control unit.
  • Thin, light interconnection and power supply cables equipped with shock-resistant plugs.   
Product Overview : Y.XPO-225

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