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Shield Alloys (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers Comet High-Energy X-Ray Equipment for X-ray inspection of thick, heavy and high absorption components and materials.

With the advent of ever larger components and denser materials combined with increasing requirements and demand for high resolution quality and safety inspection poses a challenge to conventional state-of the art x-ray systems.

COMET expands the boundaries of conventional x-ray imaging by offering a conventional 600kV equipment as well as a 800kV monoblock solution in addition to the new and more compact 450kV system. The 450kV High-Energy system delivers the same power as a standard 450kV high power tube, at half the size. The benefit of COMETís High Energy initiative is that increasing the tube voltage (450kV -> 600kV -> 800kV) in conjunction with state-of-the-art digital detector arrays leads to higher penetration as well as better signal-to-noise ratios and thus higher visibility of flaws.

This way, a higher level of testing assurance can be achieved at equal exposure times, or shorter exposure times at equal testing assurance. COMET research and development strives to push the boundaries of penetration and resolution to fulfill customer demands both of today and the future.

Products Overview : MXC-451HP/11 | MXR-600HP//11

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