Applications of Realtime Radiography


Realtime high-magnification microfocus x-ray is being utilized successfuly as an inspection tool during various stages of production cycle, from product development, to reliability/post environmental test evaluations, to field & warranty return inspections. In addition, anomalies induced during automatic manufacturing which once caused entire lots to be designated as scrap can now be screened economically with a high degree of reliability using realtime microfocus x-ray. Following are some examples of typical applications successfully performed.

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Description of application
Image of a break in the shielding of a shielded cable. Arrow indicates broken strands at the shielding.
Close-up negative view of a thinwall inconel pipe with a TIG weld indicating small voids
Positive image of a honeycomb composite material showing one cell partially filled with resin
Inspection of spot welds
Failed device with 12.39% voiding in die attach. Also note the nonuniformity of the attach material
Bond wire with poor form and crack/tear
Detection of a leak path inside an electronic thermostat
Porosity in aluminium casting
Plastic pipe (above) in an aluminium coated bag. The (black) wire below will be pulled through the pipe larter on. Hence the inner diameter of the pipe must be constant over the whole pipe length
Magnification of the pipe end in the image to the left. An approximate 200 uM thick plastic spur narrows the outlet (see white arrow) It resulted from too high manufacturing temperatures during rounding off the pipe ends.
Voids (see area marked by white circle) in the encapsulation of an automotive sensor.
Magnification of the area marked in the image to the left. Voids (see black arrow) and a wire are clearly visible.
Voids (see black markers) in the plastic body of an automotive sensor surrounding a wire of 0.69 mm Dia. wire
Air bubbles in the plastic moulding of an automotive sensor. (see white markers)
Other successful applications:
  • Uniformity analysis of heat conductor fill in spark plug electrodes.
  • Inspection of wheel speed sensors for permeability to moisture.
  • High magnification evaluation of explosive inflators (squib) in air bags.
  • Inspection of wiring and contacts of miscellaneous subassemblies such as poweer windows and all components at the steering wheel post.
  • Leakage evaluation in fuel filter assemblies.
  • Positioning analysis and size measurement of air ducts in automotive neck rests.
  • Inspection of ABS brake fluid valve body assemblies for structural integrity, cracks, & voids.
  • Inspection of engine blocks & transmission cases for porosity, contamination and overall integrity.
  • Weld integrity analysis & inspection of aluminium casting in completed steering wheel assemblies.